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i use astrology, tarot, and psychic chanelling to provide clients with clarity, direction, and access to their personal agency

Tel: 123.456.7890


let's do a reading



properties: love, forgiveness, acceptance; calming, uplifting, cleansing.

bay leaf

properties: abundance, protection, manifestation; banishing, healing, purifying.


properties: psychic awareness, dreams, protection; divining, journeying, lucid dreaming.

center yourself and choose an herb


ways to center

★ meditation ★ deep breathing ★ mantra chanting ★ being one with nature ★ singing, playing, listening to music ★

★ whatever you do to get to your place of peace and receptivity in your mind ★

new aries moon

✨ new moon at 22 degrees and 12 minutes of aries
✨ peak on april 11th at 10:30pm eastern

libra: 1:04:29

scorpio: 1:14:10

sagittarius: 1:25:27

capricorn: 1:36:00

aquarius: 1:45:40

pisces: 1:55:06

aries: 3:39

taurus: 11:56

gemini: 21:17

cancer: 32:58

leo: 42:22

virgo: 52:58

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