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hi, i'm lizzie!

capricorn sun, gemini moon, virgo rising

fate vs free will

we have the free will to create our realities, but the lessons we learn in this life are fated. we’re always leveling karmic debts (often those of a past life) which exist in many more ways than “good” and “bad”.

body & soul

our divine souls are eternal and incarnate into temporary material bodies. the physical is constantly changing, so we learn to accept the change by finding peace in the soul and its eternity.


there is a spirit realm where the dead are restored in perfect light and love. they offer guidance to loved ones still alive in the physical. their frequency is just above ours, so we communicate by meeting in the “medium”.

holistic practice

consistent spiritual, mental, and physical practice help us sustain happiness. the more centered we are in body, mind, and soul, the more readily we can accept and work with the natural chaos of the world.

my philosophies


my style

your goals are my goals

i use tarot, astrology, and psychic channeling to provide you with rounded insight and a restored will to materialize your goals. the format of a reading will depend on your timeframe of interest and your goals for the reading:

life love career children health family friends inspiration spirituality home anything

ultimately, my style is completely my own. divination is an enigmatic language that one develops individually, as it’s born of a deep, personal dialogue with spirit and oracles.

messages come in from spirit at many different times, and i make sure to identify them as such.



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Lizzie has been reading me for a few years now. Her passion for divination, and her dedication to studying the tarot, is very apparent with each reading. She has effortlessly channeled my personal energy in our readings, and while the readings were very accurate —and at times even hard to swallow— she has always left me with a sense of optimism, as well as an assurance that I’m in complete control of my life. I look forward to her readings every time, and now that she’s begun to draw on Oracle cards, the readings have only gotten that much juicier and accurate! 5/5 stars — would recommend Lizzie to all of my friends who want a reading.

my testimonials


Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 12.05.28

My reading with Liz answered a lot of questions for me. Particularly about a move across the country that I was deeply conflicted about. The move has come to fruition and her reading gave me the clarity to know I was making the right decision. Liz brings her beaming Love and Light and compassion to her readings which makes it not just a revelatory experience, but a joyful one. If you have questions about your life or seek to understand it at a deeper level, you need a reading with Liz.


Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 12.15.19

If you're looking for some sign to get a reading done then let this be it. Lizzie was amazing! She was not only intuitive but extremely thorough. Her energy is light and very positive. The amount of information that she knew was exceptional and it genuinely impressed me to see how much knowledge she had during my transit reading. I never had to ask for any clarification as Lizzie explained every step of the reading with great detail. She said things that I could not believe could be read into. She even pinpointed specific dates with information that turned out to be 100% true. I feel lighter and clearer after getting my reading done by her.

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