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carrot cards

“the cards give you images and symbols to focus your vague intentions and transform them into action. your will is the magic... you are the magic. if you can create something in your heart and then act on it to make it happen, that is magic. very simple, very straightforward—

no witches, no spells, and no broomsticks.”

- theresa francis-cheung

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behind tarot

the meanings

the tarot supplies a multi-faceted understanding of the human experience by offering 78 different cards displaying 78 different scenes. the insights we receive from these scenes can be deep as sea or shallow as beach. they are layered in subtext that we can all relate to in our daily, monthly, and yearly lives. each card is loaded with varying meanings, just as so many aspects of our lives are layered and complex. the reader uses context and psychic chanelling to provide the querent with applicable insight from each card.

the how

the tarot is one of many forms of divination that relies on the principle of chaos. chaos or randomness is governed only by the universe, which is what makes it so objective. spirits of loved ones, spirit guides, and angels can influence chaos and call your attention to it in order to show us specific things: seeing a certain number over and over again, the appearance of a butterfly during a period of depression. this is called synchronicity. whenever a moment feels meaningful to you, it is usually full of meaning.

the majors

the major arcana are a subset of the tarot consisting of 22 cards. these cards represent the obstacles, opportunities, archetypes, and themes at work in all of our human lives. they tend to be heavy hitters. they point to universal experiences of the soul: the devil asking us what attachment we’re chained to; the fool reminding us that we have to trust ourselves and the world, else fear will win and keep us perpetually indoors. this subset tell their own story of the growth of the human spirit. each step, light and dark, is a necessary stage.

the minors

the minor arcana are a subset of the tarot consisting of 56 cards. they represent the moments and situations that compose our lives and hint at the major arcana's themes: past, present, and future. they have symbolism and lessons of their own embedded within them. they show us what our lives look like. the minor arcana are no less important than the majors. just as a stubbed toe can make you question your entire surroundings, the situations depicted in the minors bring us to invoke or dispel the paradigms of the majors.

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